Today, Feb 29, 12:40 am, this day happens every 4 years, isn’t this a coincidence? Its one of the toughest moment in my life, I’ve slept 6 hours in the last 5 days, I can’t remember if I had any food in the last two days, I even forgot how I look in mirror, I feel like someone got lost in the middle of desert with no clue if he’s gonna find away to survive, I just had the last sip of water in the bottle, and now I am exhausted and ready to wave the white flag, It’s a moment of disappointment, weakness and sickness, my strength has let me down and I lost faith in my stubbornness.

I miss my kids Lamar and Khaled and I believe they miss me more, I have not seen them lately, I need to wake them up to play with them now just to leave the killing pressure for a while, I work 18 hours a day and sleep only 3 hours, all because the issue we’re facing lately, It’s the issue of push notification to Android/ IOS, During testing the application, and even after 6 days of launching the app, all was just as planned, but after we got 10 thousands users, issues started to show up, First issue was due our modest server, we successfully managed to migrate our server to another bigger server, and this took us 5 days to find the search for best server, migrate data, propagate DNS and fix the new technical configuration issues, I thought this would have been the last issue and then we’ll enjoy having few hundred users daily, but today, I can see the new issue of push notification is one of the most challenging, Our service is based on sending notification to users to notify them with Live goals of their favorite teams they selected in the app, and all on the live match, I was a dreamer to reach a point where I can share with the world our vision to be the first service in the world that offers the FASTEST video goals of live matches right on their smartphones. but happy moment never completes!

We noticed lately, that notifications are getting some incremental delay, the more we acquire users the more delay users has to wait until receiving, sadly some of them deleted the application because they got the video notification after 6 minutes of live goal, while the notification was expected to arrive only in 30 sec.

As a leader, as an entrepreneur, I didn’t give up, I took the initiative to fight for fixing the issue as I become trouble lover, I started the challenge by literature review about the issue to see if other people encounter same issue, at the same time, I shared the problem with team members who have technical background., I wanted to bring them into the issue to split some pressure, where they answered the emergency call and started providing solutions, Regretfully none worked out, I had 13 skype calls with companies that provide paid notification services HERE , some of them were not what we’re looking for and others were extremely expensive ($1800 per month), then I had to post a project on, then discussing the project with some qualified freelancers, then start another project with more details, then tried some proposed solutions, then started another project, and gone through the same steps for 5 projects, with total 42 freelancers discussed the project with, 9 freelancers proposed some solutions, 3 hired to investigate the solution, 1 freelancer (Pkp) succeeded to touch some improvement but when testing we noticed it worked perfectly only for teams with 2000 users or less, but with more, the multi threading solution gets stuck and users never receive the notifications.

I am not sure if I am blindly failing in love with my startup SnapGoal, I am not longer able to challenge myself anymore, being financially broke, and can’t meet multiple loans’ obligations that I took for SnapGoal after I burned 100% of my savings, It’s sad that I can’t even cover the team members’ small pocket money I dedicate to cover their meals/phone credit and transportation as they work for nothing but to be part of SnapGoal.

It’s hard to have such internal battle with yourself, and being confused what decision to make whether to keep fighting to searching for a light in darkness, or take a brave promise to shut down the business and start a new life!

Frankly, I don’t know the answer now, maybe I will reveal the answer in the morning, but either way, I am tired of discovering who I am anymore.

Mohammed Kilany,