4208853One day I was making a surprise for my wife and 6 month daughter to invite them to watch a football match between Portugal and Germany in the World cup 2014, I took them to a place called Snowbar, one of my favorite outside restaurant with delicious food and lovely Argeela experience, We had a good time 30 minutes before the match started, was huge crowd of football fans, flags, and colored faces, the more time is running the more I get excited for the match to support my favorite team Germany.

As usual, unhappy incidents happen in the wrong timing. As soon as the match started, and with no alarm, my daughter started acceptable crying, We through its gonna be a couple of seconds crying, but it revealed to be another story, we did everything to calm her with no result, the more we try to shut her mouth the more she cries :), it sounded like she was punishing us.

I looked around and realized that everybody is looking at us with angry faces as they’re asking us politely to calm Lamar (my daughter’s name) down or simply just leave, I was fighting my thoughts whether leaving the Snowbar and be a gentleman or just neglect the noise and enjoy the match, 5 minutes later, we left back home with a sad face :(, On my way driving home, one thing I was thinking of a way to watch the match at home while listening to the music of crying.

When we got home, I remembered that I do not have a subscription sports channels because it is expensive ($200 per year), I started searching on the internet, however I did not find a good source broadcast the live match, and after 10 minutes, A friend of mine called to share the excitement about the first goal for Germany, and when I mentioned that I am not watching it, he began to describe how amazing the goal, I felt disappointed, and began a new strategy to search for goal on YouTube, I waited eight minutes to be able to find the video on YouTube, at least I felt a little bit better to see a video, at that moment I noticed something interesting that captured my attention, whenever I refresh the video link on YouTube there are thousands more people are watching the video.

At that moment chemistry just happened, I put on the entrepreneurial eyes and started exploring the challenge using the previous experience, business mind and the passion to tackle new adventure, First step, I surfed the internet to see if there’s reasonable solutions for this issue, and found nothing, second step, I discussed the issue with my networks to check if they encounter the same problem when they miss a match or can’t dedicate time to watch it and reached a result that 90% of them wonder if there’s a solution to give them visual updates in case they’re away, In this phase, you can tell whether you have entrepreneurial spirit, normal people they know there’s a problem, but they never care to analyse it.

Phase three, conducted an intensive feasibility study to see how people would imagine the solution for this issue, for availability, mobility, I decided the Mobile App would be the best solution to provide people with instant videos as SOON as the team scores in the live match, and for that reason, the service should offer personalization where users indicate their favorite teams which they expect to get real time video goals.

Phase four, The most critical decision is whether you move on in building a startup or leave another entrepreneur to figure out a solution for this challenge, Where I firmly decided to take risk in my sleeping ours, saving, family time, friends, mind share, and even my health.

​Phase 5, Literature review, I read a book about Mobile App called App Empire, Although it might be one of the few books I read in my life, but I believe in order be ready for the battle, you gotta prepare your weapons and find the perfect team to fight with you.

SnapGoal journey got started, Stay toned for more stories to walk you through the journey.