1264051​After checking my email, The second action I did after tweeting about the great news is to write a post to express how I feel although words are not enough to describe the bride and enthusiasm after waiting so long to cheer myself up.

This is the first time I enjoyed reading an email, I wanted to scream, call all people who supported me during my journey in starting SnapGoal, but I rather did one thing, I posted in the team Facebook internal group about being selected to participate in an amazing opportunity startup competition MIT Arab. I added one paragraph to the post “Guys, without you we could not make it to the semi final”, I’m very proud of the team who stood up by my side from day one, the team who worked so hard with ZERO salary to keep moving toward one goal to make SnapGoal successful business that servers football fans and solve their pain in missing matches and taking time to search for video goals while our creative solution to bring video goal of the live match right on their personalized mobile app instantly in the live match. I wonder sometimes why would my team contribute time and effort in a risky startup that has unknown future, Do you want to know the secret? Simply it’s TRUST! which is more powerful than salaries, gifts, or even positions, I was aware how crucial is to share passion and make sure every team member is influential and providing something distinguished no matter how small or big the role was. I always care about the details and show encouragement, and on top of that, appreciation even for mistakes.

Being part of a startup team, is completely different than being in any other teams, because it’s at the end of the day one move in a chess game, all have to assist the decision which move to make, and all is responsible if the move was turned to be negative, and then they have to put more energy to assist in the following move, while if the move is successful, it’s the time to celebrate and build on the lesson learned.

SnapGoal opened my eyes to the importance of seeking for support and offering support, nothing better than a leaking boat in the middle of the sea to describe the role of each member in the startup, multiple roles with one common destiny. which is reaching the safe land, all have to put the maximum energy and never leave a room for regrets.

During the last 17 months 11 days, I have applied for almost 45 opportunities, no doubt that SnapGoal was immature for some competitions, while the majority didn’t see the value of what we’re doing. and today comes with a wonderful wake up call to show us the light in the darkness and whisper suggesting to keep moving and never care of the frustration and challenges we face daily. Although we’ve not won the competition yet, but I’m very excited that finally hope finds its way to join our journey.

SnapGoal team.

Mohammed Kilany,